“Where junk becomes funk”
Have you noticed that there’s a lot of STUFF in the world? While most of our consumer culture waste has to be destroyed, there is an endless supply of wonderful junk that we can use in so many ways, that we can “RE-create”.
The Green Door Gallery promotes art and useful products that are made from recycling, reusing, upcycling, natural and found objects. It’s been called RecycleArt, Junk Art, Found Object Art, Eco-friendly Art ...Whatever label we choose, it’s all about taking that old or used stuff that is likely destined for an already overflowing landfill and transforming it, rearranging it or otherwise giving it some new purpose and life as an aesthetically pleasing, and often useful piece. This involves looking at junk in unique and inventive ways, often rescuing discarded items that may have once been precious to someone, and giving them a new life of beauty, FUNction and preciousness to someone else. What a joy! While we are not exclusively a recycle art venue, it is the driving force behind creating this space and our vision for the future.

Green Door Gallery Mission:
• Find beauty where beauty does not seem to exist
• Lessen the burden on Planet Earth
• Spread ideas & inspire others to think outside the garbage bin
• Have fun!

I hope that you will be inspired by what’s behind the Green Door. 
Recycling is our future, creativity is our birthright. 

Check out our photo gallery!

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